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Privacy Policy

We don't need a privacy policy, because we aren't interested in knowing anything about you, nor are we interested in collecting and being responsible for your personal data.

You may be interested to note that:

  • We do not use cookies.
  • We do not use analytics.
  • We do not have a contact form.
  • We do not have or use email lists.
  • We do not use advertising.

If privacy is a concern for you, we strongly recommend you abandon the www altogether, because there are no remaining bastions of security. Gopher, on port 70, is a suitable alternative when used properly. The barrier to entry is low, but does exist; you will not be spoon-fed on gopher content.

If privacy is not a concern for you, we strongly recommend you wake up. When you wake up, try to wake up others. You're closer to absolute and total slavery than you think.

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