What the cohesive media monolith wants you to think about right now

Why NotFox

Update 4/22/2020: Mostly I use notfox as a personal tool, to limit my usage of the actual news websites. I scan the keywords quickly, determine if there is anything that I need or want to pay attention to, and move on with my life. It is a tool to reduce news usage. Use it for whatever helps you out.

You're tired of being spoon-fed news from the cohesive media monolith, but you don't want to be out of the loop as far as current machine focus is concerned. Notfox let's you quickly see what the outlets are pushing, and what the propaganda machine wants you to think about right now, without dragging you through the mud associated with the media outlet websites.

Mass media is a dumpster fire. Information is uniformly delivered, and messaging is always on target in a centralized fashion. There is no doubt that press freedom is entirely compromised, and that "news" is simply neurolinguistic programming. You can't get news, because news no longer exists.

The solution is to be as aware as possible of the message that is being pushed, and to see clearly how it is being orchestrated across platforms. Beyond notfox, you would do very well to approach and watch propaganda machines outside the U.S. to see how their messaging compares and contrasts. Finally, close attention to ultra-local affairs will help you create a picture that resembles something akin to the truth.

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